I wrote this one in ten minutes before school. ^_^;;

by Leto

Ash stood on the podium, Pikachu standing on his head. Together, they held up a huge trophy with the Pokemon League symbol.

Ash was trying hard not to cry as the crowd cheered for him. It was just as he had imagined himself so many years ago.

He was a Pokemon Master.

After the ceremony, Ash and Pikachu walked off alone, just for the sake of it. The congratulations and thousands of people at Victory Road was becoming somewhat overwhelming.

"Thank you, Pikachu," said Ash finally.

Pikachu smiled and gave a thumbs-up.

They didn't say much. They were best friends, they didn't need to.

Presently, Ash noticed a dark shape appear in the sky overhead.

"I wonder what that is?" He, the Pokemon Master, still relied on his Pokedex a lot of the time.

But Dexter said "there is no data."

The dark shape grew larger, and the two friends could make it out as a golden bird, flying closer and closer towards them.

"Woah, look out, Pikachu."

The bird looked strong. Ash and Pikachu stood at a respectful distance as it swooped in and landed gracefully in front of them.

The golden bird looked at them closely.

"Congratulations," it said, finally. It didn't open its beak to talk, and Ash wasn't quite sure where the voice was coming from, but he knew the bird was adressing him.

"Oh... er, thank you."

Any other trainer would've been shocked at a talking Pokemon. But Ash had too much experience with Team Rocket to be afraid.

"Do you know, Ash, you have seen me before."


"The thing people say when they first see me marks the way for their future."


"Do you remember what you said when you first saw me?"

"I said "I wonder what that is....""

"Right. And you've been saying that ever since. But besides that. Do you remember what you said before that?"


"Think harder. You referred to 'we' in it. Because of that word, 'we', even if I had not been there, I think you would've been champion."

"I don't remember."

Pikachu tugged at his pant leg.

"Pika pi pika." (Ash, I remember.)


On the first day of his Pokemon journey, a first day gone horribly wrong, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu found themselves gradually coming back into consciousness in the sun's rays.

"Well, Pikachu," said Ash weakly, smiling at his new friend, "we beat 'em."

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